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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to be a garden expert to join?

Not at all! Our program attracts and assists those of all levels of gardening expertise, from the beginner to the expert and everything in between.

What are the benefits of naturalized gardening?

The great selection of native trees, shrubs, wild flowers and wetland plants can infuse a landscape with a greater variety of color, fragrance and texture. Native plants can save on maintenance, since they are less prone to disease and best adapted to local conditions. Most of these require less water as well. Furthermore, these landscapes attract a variety of wildlife adding a new dimension to your landscape. Overall, a naturalized landscape offers significant benefits to both homeowners and the local environment.

What if I can't make it to all the meetings?

Aside from those who choose to sign up for our courses or workshops, there is no mandatory requirement to attend meetings. We believe that our different membership options and events allow people to pick an option that suits their schedule.

Do I have to enter into a property agreement if I join?

Any changes that you choose to make to your landscape are entirely up to you. The types of changes and the extent of them is your choice. However, be warned! Naturalized landscaping is a lot of fun! Many of our members who expect to make small changes first joining, often end up transforming their yards into backyard sanctuaries! All the same, what you do is your choice.

Couldn't I just learn about naturalized gardening from a book or the internet?

Books and web sites might offer a few general concepts, some introductory ideas and maybe even a few tips, but they don't offer locally based information and ongoing support they way we do. Our program can zero in on those species of plants that are native to our locality, as well as what will work for your specific tastes and conditions. We can also offer a real sense of follow-up and follow-through, with ongoing support for our members to help you with your naturalized gardening questions.

Naturalized gardening makes your home beautiful!


  1. "Having a naturalized garden will give your yard a scruffy, overgrown look."
  2. "Having a naturalized garden means planting more weeds."
  3. "Having a naturalized garden demands having 100% native plants and that means tearing out all your non-native plants"
  4. "Having a naturalized garden means having to sacrifice the beauty of a traditional landscape."
  5. "Wildflowers cause allergies."
  6. "Having a natural yard and pond will mean a greater likelihood of getting the West Nile Virus.
  7. "Having a naturalized landscape means a lot more work, especially since you can't spray insecticides or herbicides."
  8. "Having a naturalized landscape will only attract nuisance animals."
  9. "Attracting wildlife is not a realistic goal for small property owners or urban gardeners."
  10. "Natural landscaping is just a fad. It will only fade away to make way for the next gardening gimmick."