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Our Resources
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The Naturalized Habitat Network of Essex County & Windsor offers a number of resource options to help you create and maintain a more beautiful, healthy landscape. For a nominal fee, you can take advantage of the information, events and services that come with being a member. There are two main options...

Our Standard Membership

Our Standard Annual Membership is $25 per year. Members may also purchase their own copy of the Naturalized Gardener's Handbook for an additional $20. 

Our original and affordable membership offers you the following...

  • Our very own exclusive publication, The Naturalized Gardener's Handbook for Windsor & Essex County. At over 100 pages, this book offers comprehensive, practical information on our regionally native trees, shrubs, wild flowers, vines and wetland plants, along with advice on natural lawn care, ponds, attracting wildlife and where to locate reputable growers. Packed with everything you'll need to transform your yard into a natural oasis, this book will revolutionize the way we look at our gardens, our community and our environment!
  • Ongoing consultation and support through our garden line and e-mail.
  • Home visitation. Whether to help you with a garden dilemma, or to make sure your latest garden plans keep on track, we can provide personal assistance. Bookings can usually be arranged about a week in advance. A nominal fee is required to cover transportation costs.
  • Our newsletter, "The New Frontier", which is published twice yearly.
  • Ongoing events throughout the year, such as nature hikes and seminars
  • Certification. This is an opportunity to have your natural gardening efforts recognized with a certificate and optional yard sign. See our certification page for more details.
To join us, send us your name, address and postal code, telephone numbers and e-mail, along with a cheque for the appropriate amount to our address.

There are now more than 250 households from across Windsor and Essex County who are members of this program!

The Naturalized Landscape Course
This six week, adult evening course offers in depth instruction on landscape planning, design, construction and maintenance, all infused with information on native plants, attracting wildlife and other concepts of naturalization. Taught within a dynamic classroom environment, each course is typically offered in two hour classes, scheduled once a week in the evening. All this, combined with all the benefits of the standard membership and you can see why what started of a whimsical experiment for us has taken off as a runaway hit! No wonder they're referred to as "ground zero". Exact times and locations to be announced as they become available. Contact us if you would like to be notified about our next series of courses.

Since the Naturalized Landscape Course was first introduced, we have taught over 650 people from across Windsor and Essex County. 

Other Options...

The Naturalized Landscape Workshop - This complete, interactive, one day workshop covers the principles and steps for planning, designing and constructing your own natural oasis! Originally created for groups whose location or circumstances make attending our regular adult evening courses impractical, these workshops have proven popular with groups large and small. Fully transportable, this workshop has become an especially effective tool for those outside of Essex County. A number of take home materials are provided. Workshop content can also be customized to suit a particular interest. These workshops are typically offered between January and April. Contact us to see if we can arrange a workshop for your organization.

Seeds of Hope: Developing a Community Based Native Plant Cultivation Program

The seed guide’s author, Dan Bissonnette, is also available for group presentations to horticultural societies and naturalist groups.  A new presentation, “Seeds of Hope: Developing a Community Based Native Plant Cultivation Program” is an ideal complement to the seed guide. It offers insights on the fascinating world of native plants and a step-by-step, community-based approach to creating an effective native plant cultivation and distribution system.  Presentations will conclude with the sale of the seed guide and book signing. Speaker’s fees, mileage and other costs will apply, depending on each group’s location and specific requirements. Bookings will be scheduled depending on availability and should be arranged at least one month in advance