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The Native Seed Identification & Cultivation Guide for Southern Ontario

       After more than two years of preparations, we're pleased to introduce our native seed guide. This 144 page book identifies our region's many native tree, shrub and wildflower species and their respective seeds, fruits and nuts. This full colour book presents over 100 original images and serves as both an outdoor seed guide and handy reference manual. This book sells for $25 and is tax exempt.  Due to the many requests that we have received, the seed guide will also be available to residents outside of Essex County by mail order.

     Books can be purchased by mail order for $28.00, which includes postage and handling fees. For U.S. orders, please add an additional $2.00 ( $29 ) to cover the extra mailing costs and be sure to specify Canadian funds. When placing an order, please remember to include your complete mailing address and postal code. To place an order, prepare a cheque made out to ‘The Naturalized Habitat Network’ and mail it to our address at…

 The Naturalized Habitat Network

P.O. Box 292
Essex, Ontario
N8M 2Y3

  Please limit one book per order. 

The ‘Carolinian Cascade'
Rain Barrel!

Our region has certainly had its share of dry spells over the last several years and nothing is better for our home landscape than rain water. Yet beyond practical water conservation, the development of these unique rain barrels arose out of a growing concern for a number of local issues. When West Nile Virus was first reported in our area, we learned that many people felt reluctant to use rain barrels. We also became concerned about a recent switch to chloraminated water for many Essex County residents, which has been reported to be harmful to wetland wildlife. The recent news that water rates would be increasing yet again for many area residents made it all too clear that something had to be done.

At the same time, we were sceptical about many of the rain barrels already on the market. Many were simply made of preformed plastic, which meant that replacement parts or repairs were out of the question. Most of them looked pretty unappealing and didn't offer any options. We also experienced some sticker shock when we learned that most rain barrels cost anywhere from $99 to $159!

That's when we decided to build our own barrel or more specifically, a better rain barrel. After a few months of development, price comparison and backroom tinkering, we have created something that is practical, attractive and durable. We're very proud of the Carolinian Cascade and we know you will be too.

Check out its unique features...

  • High volume capacity of 43 gallons/ 190 litres.
  • Made locally from recycled food-grade barrels and fitted with quality parts.
  • Designed to be mosquito proof.
  • Can be hooked up in series to double even or triple your storage capacity.
  • An overflow tube to divert excess water that can be mounted on either the left or right side.
  • Can be conveniently delivered to your home for a nominal fee.
  • Available to all residents of Essex County and Windsor, with all proceeds supporting our community outreach.
  • Priced at $65.00, costs at least 25% less than other comparable models on the market; helping you save money and the environment at the same time!
  • Available to our active members for only $60.00.
To order your own barrel, call us at 519-259-2407. When ordering, please provide your address and specify your colour preference, along with your choice of right or left handed overflow.
The Oasis

       For those whose water requirements exceed what a few rain barrels can offer, consider our latest offering: the Oasis. This special unit offers many of the same benefits as our Carolinian Cascade, including its design features that prevent West Nile Virus. However, with a capacity of nearly 1,000 litres, these units hold more than 5 times more rain water than a regular rain barrel.

       Now, thanks to a grant from the TD Friends of the Environment, we're pleased to offer these units to non-profit community groups for as little as $200 with installation. That's like buying five rain barrels for the price of two and getting them installed at no extra charge! This special program is open to all charitable and not-for-profit organization that serve in either Essex County or Windsor. Quantities are limited and organizations must apply in order to be considered eligible. To learn more, contact us at 519-259-2407 or e-mail us .



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