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The Healing Gardens Program

       The Healing Gardens Program is a special initiative of the Naturalized Habitat Network dedicated to providing education and assistance toward the establishment of healing-themed gardens, including memorial, peace and meditation gardens, as well as other sacred spaces, for the purpose of providing healing and restoration in matters of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
          While many landscapes may offer some restorative qualities, a healing garden is designed with healing and well-being as its main focus. With this in mind, this special initiative will draw on an eclectic mix of landscaping disciplines, including Japanese and European Monastic gardening, as well as First Nations healing traditions. We will also apply modern therapeutic techniques. Lastly, we will also draw inspiration from nature itself and incorporate elements of our natural heritage.
          The Healing Gardens Program was created largely in response to requests from individuals and organizations to provide resources and assistance for healing spaces. While we’re happy to respond to our community’s needs, we also recognize that the Healing Gardens Program represents some very new territory for our organization. For example, our organization has mainly focused on how people can heal the landscape. The Healing Gardens Program has essentially flipped that equation, by creating a venue in which landscapes can heal people. Suffice it to say that what we have created goes far beyond your typical garden variety landscaping class!
          We’re also aware of the wide demographic of people that have been served by the Healing Gardens Program.  Although healing gardens are bound to be of interest for anyone looking for a personal oasis in which to relax after a stressful day at the office, they can also offer proven benefits to the following:
·     Those who want to create a sacred space for meditation and prayer.
·     Those who have survived cancer or other life-altering illness.
·     Those who are recovering from abuse or other traumatic event.
·     Those who are managing a mental illness or other chronic condition.
·     Those who want an outdoor space for yoga or Tai Chi. 
·     Those who want an innovative way to honour the memory of loved ones.
·     Those who want to celebrate a milestone or personal triumph.

       Since we first launched this revolutionary educational resource in early 2014, we have taught classes at over a dozen locations across Windsor and Essex County. This includes our 5-part weekly classes, as well as our 4-part Saturday sessions. These classes attract people from all walks of life. What was especially gratifying to know was that at least 40% of our participants took our class as part of their own personal healing journeys. This included those on a wide variety of healing for physical, mental and emotional challenges, including a woman who was undergoing chemotherapy in between classes!  

      For more information about our next series of classes, check out the "Coming Events" section of our web site or visit our Facebook page for periodic updates. 

     To register, select a course location that suits your time and schedule and call us at 519-259-2407. Note that we do not accept registrations by e-mail, so please call us. Once you have registered in the class of your choosing, make out a cheque or money order to "The Naturalized Habitat Network" and mail it to us at the address below. Once your payment is received, you will be fully registered.
          The Naturalized Habitat Network
          P.O. Box 292
          Essex, Ontario N8M 2Y3

      For those who live outside of Windsor and Essex County, we also offer a one day, travelling workshop. These are typically hosted by a non-profit group and can be conducted practically anywhere in Ontario from Tilbury to Toronto! To learn more about  the possibility of bringing the Healing Gardens Workshop to your community, e-mail us at